Our Counselors

Alessandra Pye
Alessandra Pye, MA, LPC

Alessandra (Ally) serves couples, individuals, adolescents and children working with an integrative/experiential approach that is catered to your needs. Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Communication Training and Art based Interventions constitute the basis of her practice.

Website: Psychology Today – Alessandra Santos Pye
Phone: (269) 743-7360 Ext. 3
Email: alessandra.santos.pye@gmail.com

Heather Lettow
Heather Lettow, MA, LPC, LMFT

Heather serves individuals (age 10+), couples and families. She focuses on identifying individual or family goals and strengthening self awareness to facilitate change and to meet the goals set; utilizing mindfulness, CBT and solution focused problem solving techniques.

Website: heathernlettow.com
Phone: (269) 743-7360 Ext. 1
Email: heather@lettowcounseling.com

Erin Arwady
Erin Arwady, LMSW

Erin is an experienced, creative therapist for individuals, children, and families. Utilizing an integration of wholistic techniques such as mindfulness and expressive arts and intentional evidence-based strategies such as CBT and DBT, Erin helps individuals and families identify their goals, express feelings and thoughts, and develop healthy coping skills.

Website: erinarwady.com
Phone: (269) 743-7360 Ext. 2
Email: erin.arwady@gmail.com

Leona Brown-Insley
Leona Brown-Insley, MA, LLPC

Leona serves children, adolescents and adults. She engages in person-centered therapy utilizing evidence based techniques such as TF-CBT, CBT, and DBT. Leona specializes in working with clients with anxiety and who have experienced trauma, helping them process their experiences and learn healthy coping methods such as mindfulness and expressive techniques.

Phone: (269) 832-1388
Email: leona.brown.insley@gmail.com

Cindy Scovel
Cindy Scovel, MA, LLPC

Cindy is a holistic psychotherapist who provides counseling and coaching for adults and adolescents. She specializes in supporting clients through life transitions and grief & loss, drawing from mindfulness-based, transpersonal, existential, and family systems therapies.

Website: cindyscovel.com
Phone: (269) 366-5481
Email: cindy@cindyscovel.com